The ProcedurE      Cold vs Allergy/ Cold vs Flu

It is often difficult to determine what substance a person is allergic to. Therefore, there is a real need to perform allergy tests. Allergy test will help determine the type of allergies the person has and will assist the providers prescribe the appropriate medication.

Allergies are a mystery to some but the symptoms are easily recognizable. Allergy Symptoms can be runny nose, cough, sneezing, rashes of the skin, and difficulty breathing.


How soon will I be able to get an appointment?

You can have your allergy testing on the same day as your appointment with your provider.

Why should I choose Athens Heart Center for my Allergy Test?

That is a wonderful question! We believe that all of our patients choose us because they believe that we can help them feel better. Many patients also state that they appreciate how our friendly and professional staff helps them with all of their questions and concerns. We have the most up to date technique of allergy testing.

How much will my initial Allergy visit cost? Will my insurance cover it?

As you may know, there are now many different types of health insurance plans. Insurance coverage is verified before allergy test is performed. Depending on the amount of the patient’s deductible or co-insurance there may be a small fee for the test. Most insurance companies cover an allergy test at 100% except Health Plan Select and Ambetter, but in case testing is not covered completely then a bill will be sent to your residence.

Can allergies be life threatening?

Yes. Life threatening situations are called anaphylaxis. Allergies to food, drugs and insect venom have amounted to anaphylaxis and death. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency. A patient can die in few minutes unless immediate treatment is not given. However, these episodes can be prevented with medical intervention by epinephrine under medical care.

Harmful Effects

Harmful effects for allergy testing are pregnancy, breast feeding and currently taking Benadryl. If during allergy testing you begin to experience urticarial, rhinitis, edema, hypotension, nausea, shock or loss of consciousness then Epinephrine will be administered by injecting into the opposite arm. Local reactions consisting of itching, swelling, and tenderness may occur as a result of testing. Local cold applications and oral antihistamines may be an effective treatment if you experience and local reactions after testing.

When should I call the Athens Heart Center Allergy Clinic and when should I call my family doctor?

If you are experiencing symptoms such as increased cough, wheezing, chest tightness or pain, increased nasal drainage and congestion, or headache, please contact the Athens Heart Center Allergy Clinic. It is likely that you are experiencing an exacerbation of your allergic response.

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