Portrait of young caucasian sports athlete having eyesight checked by doctor.

Get meaningful and lasting relief from back, neck, joint and muscle pain — especially when other approaches have failed or you want to eliminate the risk of surgery or drugs — with the dedicated physicians at Family First Healthcare.

Back and neck pain

From truly revolutionary back and spinal decompression to advanced back rehabilitation systems, we achieve real and measured results for:

  • disk herniation and bulging disks
  • Facet Syndrome and low back pain
  • Sciatica and lumbar stenosis
  • activity pain and sports injury

And, what makes FFHC so effective? Unlike other clinics that superficially deal with the symptoms of pain, we target the source of pain with a treatment plan tailored exactly to your needs, age, gender and pain type.

Fitness and sports conditioning

Get more out of your favorite sport or get back to an active lifestyle without fear of re-injury. With a complete evaluation, our physicians define a realistic plan so that your strength, flexibility and fitness program starts exactly where you need to start — no soreness, no exhaustion, no embarrassment.

Don’t wait any longer, get your sports physical today.